8th Grade Math Worksheet

Note: You can use this 8th grade math worksheet for educational noncommercial purposes only.

1) The average distance between planet Venus and the Sun is 67200000 miles. Write this distance in scientific notation.

Answer: _____________________

2) What is the slope of the red line?

Answer: _______________________

3) What linear equation is described in this table?

Answer: _______________________

4) A die is rolled once. What is the probability of getting a factor of 12?

Answer: ________________________

Answer: ________________________

6) Give an example of a subset of this set {4, 9, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20}.

Answer: ________________________

7) The speed of light is almost meters per second. The speed of
sound is 344 meters per second. Write the speed of sound in scientific

Answer: _________________________

8) The right triangle ABC is congruent to triangle MNP. What is the measure of angle P?

Answer: _________________

9) Which point best represents on the number line?


Answer: ____________________

10) Find the complement of set B below.

Answer: _______________________


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